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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Catfish Final Paper! Enjoy...

The day was full of excitement and nerves, as Nev and his friends pulled up to Angela’s house. Was she really going to be there? Nev and Angela’s daughter Megan have been chatting for a couple of months now, and the truth about to come out in this meet. Not knowing what to expect, Nev charged up, walking hesitantly to the door trying to be brave and looks inside the garage, but wait no one lives’ here! The trail that sent him to go looking for the truth, led Nev to a place of confusion and fear. Will he ever find out what is really going on? Only time can reveal the secrets that hide in the shadows of Facebook.
Yaniv Schulman the main character who’s nickname is Nev, is a New York photographer. Filmmaker Ariel Schulman and his producing partner Henry Joost began a documentary about Nev. He meets a girl on Facebook named Megan who is Angela’s daughter, and is the half sister of the proclaimed prodigy painter Abby. Also in it there is a Father named Vince who is the husband of Angela, and a brother named Alex of Abby too. All of these characters are on Facebook as well. There are more characters that are friends of the family that appear on Facebook. This is the documentary of the relationships.
In the beginning, Nev was placed in a documentary by his brother and friend about a person they met online named Abby. Abby was the daughter of Angela who painted many pictures. Nev and Abby met when Abby sent Nev a painting of one of his photographs since he is a photographer. Nev instantly hooked. Started talking to this eight year old, fascinated on how well she could paint. Plus, he was flattered that she painted his photograph. Later on Nev found out Abby had an older step sister named Megan who he thought was cute. They began having an online relationship which proceeded to become a phone relationship. Nev wanted to meet her, so he and the crew went to go visit the family they met online, but later on figured out the truth hide behind the lies.
This movie Catfish did a great job on clueing the audience in the whole movie through. I liked how they always had captions when Nev and Angela were talking on the phone, I then didn’t feel left out. The music was really suspenseful and times which made the movie that much more exciting. Also the music made me want to dance! Angela was my favorite character because it’s intriguing to me how someone can be such a compulsive liar and not feel bad because she continued to proceed lying when she told Nev it was the truth. My favorite part of the movie is when all of them went to the beach once they met. The day was perfect and they appeared to be having a blast, just enjoying the surroundings. It really shows how even through times of great despair and lies, there can be happiness.
This movie was extremely creepy and truly lets people know the type of creeps that may be on the internet stocking you. Angela could have been honest but no she had to keep lying to the innocent boy, Nev. This is such a sad story to tell you the truth, overall this could have been handled in a much better way. The interesting point that arises though is that the truth will always come out one way or another.   I recommended this to children so they realize that the world in the internet can be deceiving.  That kids shouldn’t trust everything they hear because there are many sides to a story. I loved how real this movie was; the raw emotion was a plus. I would rate this movie a five, since anyone can either choose to like creepy stuff or simply run away.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My reaction of catfish

I feel so bad for nev. He was bullied into making the movie. I can’t believe Angela continued to lie even in person to nev, but then was embarrassed when he found out the truth and she was exposed. She Angela seems like she has a hard life and was trying to make another one up so she can forget about reality. It’s sad that she cheated on her husband, she needs severe counseling. It seems like a total cry out for help, but at the same time she hurt a man’s soul and that is not right. I bet he feels extremely betrayed by her. He even had a hard time looking at the paintings she sent afterword’s. I guess you never know what is out there on the internet. That is what I have learned by watching this film. I love the raw emotion portrayed though, beautiful. Because in Hollywood movies everything is changed and there are many outtakes that we never get to see. But life Is not perfect I don’t think anything else should be as well. Otherwise we as people never feel good enough. I guess that is just what I think personally.  This movie is trippy and the music is extremely creepy. The sad part is that the family got put into this film and they were not even talking. Wow how deep lies can become.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2nd catfish

I cant believe this happened in real life. Its soo shocking. I like how Nev comfronted Angela calming. I cant believe she had a facebook affair. But it looks like they all had a nice time at the beach. Wow she was an alcoholic my butt! Abby was never the artist her mom was! The lies just kept getting bigger and bigger. These poeple need therapy I feel so bad for Nev. The sexting was funny. He wasted 9months of his life thinking he was falling in love with this woman. Its very true people can make up anything. She created a website of 32 different people. Im totally freaked out. People can creep on anything.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

catfish day 1

This movie is so messed up. I cant believe he was soo gulable. The stories about the chickens and the goat sound completely like lies. Its sad that his emotions were really messed with. It was funny though the conversations they all had. The paintings were really good, wow great artist. That is sad that she lied so much. I like how real the documentary is, like real life. Many movies are scripted this was just plain interesting. The family was acting really strange I cannot believe he didnt relize that somthing was wrong during their interactions. That was cool that he was a photographer. This movie is a little confusing. I like how him and his friends research to find the truth, that is a good lesson. I will always double check with google if I ever meet somebody online. The photoshop picture that he made was kind of perverted.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mobile Phones

Angelina Telkova
Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are used constantly, either to text, call, or even check your email. I can’t think of anyone I know who does not have a cell phone. Even young kids are getting cell phones for safety reasons. This phenomenon has exploded across our nation. I know people who are constantly on their phones texting; soon there will be an epidemic of arthritis because of texting. Plus there are so many upgrades from every cell phone provider, pretty soon you will be able to do anything on your phone.
                                     I think it can be very useful and the technology advances can really help the world become more organized but I think the good always comes with the bad. Like all of the horrible stories of kids being bullied through texting; and people leaving deadly voice mail threats. Plus the safety measures can be corrupted. If someone gets your phone number they can track where you live through the internet. It is quite scary to think about. Even sometimes people call and randomly hang up, that is even creepier. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of great things the cell phones have done to our society. Its helped people get information much quicker than before. Since all of the company’s are getting better coverage, it helps with contacting the ones you love, if you are far away from them. It kind of makes it extremely easy to contact just about anyone.
The best solution for best use and not overusing is balancing the two. Let me explain. If you get too much of a good thing it can always somehow be detrimental to you. I have heard of people becoming addicted to their phones, because they forget human contact. That I think is the biggest problem, forgetting that being with a person has its own benefits, instead of texting all the time. Otherwise there will be new disorders that will come into play. The physical contact is so important to a person psychological mind.  
            The world is exploding with new ideas and innovations every day, but the mobile phones have been one of the major effects on our society because everyone has one. It’s a great way to connect to anyone or everyone. It’s the invention to beat at this time.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog free writing

I love that movie on how realistic it was. A very interesting story about a woman who discovered her passion through a cook book. Its funny how in life when tough issues or unhappiness comes our way, we look straight at it and turn it into something amazing. It shows us how any negative situation, like julia at her job decided to make something out of herself. Its extremely inspiring to watch and hear. I believe we all have a spark in us that can make a huge difference. Blogging is a unique sport, i believe. Any one can do it! That is the exciting part. I want to start a blog about my life and how I love to write. Its such a great way of expressing myself. I love when my fingers move on the keyboard and inspiration goes and goes like a wave. ahh its refreshing. I guess it is a passion of mine, since words mean so much to me. I feel liike im in my own planet when I write. wooohooo!